Penetration testing

A Penetration Test is a method of security testing that entails conducting a strategic cyber-attack in collaboration with an ethical hacker on your systems.

This typically involves executing a planned attack in controlled conditions, simulating real attack scenarios. The objective of the test is to discover exploitable vulnerabilities and assess the effectiveness of your organization’s security posture.

This process includes identifying vulnerabilities, understanding how an attacker might escalate access to sensitive information, evaluating potential impacts, and pinpointing susceptible applications and systems that could expose your business to cyber risks.

The insights and findings derived from the test can be utilized to refine your system or application security policies and address detected vulnerabilities.

Our Approach To Penetration Testing

Planning & Defining Objectives

We collaborate with your team to engage in discussions, analyze, and establish the objectives for Penetration Testing.


Working alongside your team, we collect pertinent information aligned with assessment objectives prior to orchestrating a staged attack

Vulnerability Assessment

During this phase, we pinpoint potential vulnerabilities within the target network.

Penetration Testing

After identifying potential vulnerabilities, we conduct a Penetration Test to confirm them through an active intrusion attempt.

Maintain Access

Upon acquiring entry to a system, we introduce agents to assess our ability to sustain access over an extended duration, regardless of reboots, resets, or modifications made by the network administrator.

Analysis of findings

We perform a comprehensive analysis of the vulnerabilities that were identified and exploited, as well as the sensitive data that was accessed. Additionally, we scrutinize the duration for which we maintained access in the system and the period during which it went undetected.


The outcomes of the Penetration Test are consolidated into a report that provides a summary of the testing process, identified vulnerabilities, detected risks, recommendations to address gaps, and suggestions for enhancing overall security.


After identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, we perform a re-test on the system to verify the successful implementation of fixes and identify any new vulnerabilities that may emerge as a result of the remediation process.

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Why work with invitty ?

Vendor Neutrality: We commit to being genuine consulting and audit partners, abstaining from hardware/software sales to avoid biased suggestions.

No Outsourcing Policy: We prioritize your trust by not outsourcing critical assignments to third parties.

Industry Expertise: Share industry-specific insights and relevant recommendations tailored to achieving compliance goals.

Years of Experience: Benefit from a decade of industry experience and knowledge.

End-to-End Support: Our team will guide you through every stage/process to implement security controls and systems, ensuring the protection of your environment.

Actionable Recommendations: Our team delivers remediation strategies to address risks posed by external attackers, insider threats, automated worms, and network management errors, enhancing the security posture of your environment.

Robust Security & Risk Management Solution: We offer a comprehensive solution customized to meet your business requirements.

Detailed Analysis Reports: Provide documents detailing complete analysis findings and pertinent recommendations for remediation.

Training Videos and Materials: Equip your personnel with valuable training videos and materials to enhance their skills.