Complete inventory control, stock what sells more, get notified on non-moving and expiry items and take corrective action, reorder based smart recommendations to optimize stock and avoid shortage

Integrated Accounting
Freedom from separate accounting software as all POS information like Sales, Purchase, Inventory gets automatically posted to in-built GST/VAT accounting solution. Also initiate online payments directly from software

Data back-up and Security
Our System automates data backup on cloud periodically, real-time, incrementally.It is secured, reliable and ensures 100% business continuity thus lowers total cost of ownership, skill, restoration time

Supply chain management
Centralized monitoring of store-wise sales, purchase, inventory, profits & more. Take action from anywhere with web access to all stores. Feel confident and expand to more outlets

CRM & loyalty
Profile customers. Pull new and repeated customers. Understand customer preferences through purchase history and plan creative promotions. Reward loyal customers and increase sales

Business Intelligence
Simple and actionable reports to manage your day to day operations smoothly. Real-time dashboards with more than 350+ MIS reports for quick decision making, optimizing inventory, analyzing trends and more


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