Advanced visibility to Automate your business operations with our RFID Solutions

RFID stand for Radio Frequency Identification. RFID system is a wireless device use electromagnetic fields to transfer the data automatically to identify the tags attached to the objects. Simple we can say RFID is a wireless technology which identifies or count the huge volume of objects, without contact or line of sight. The RFID system servers the same purpose of the barcode or magnetic strip on credit or debit card and it provides the unique identifier for the object.

Generally how RFID System works: A RFID system consists of tag or contactless card, which is made up of microchip, and reader with antenna which read the data from the tag and transfers to the application server. A tag can be read from up to several feet away and does not need to be within direct line-of-sight of the reader to be tracked. Simply we can say that reads the data automatically from certain distance when it passes through the antenna and transfers the data automatically to the application server.

Mapol offer wide range of RFID solutions from site survey, strategic development to the final implementation to deliver the final RFID chips. Mapol provides RFID solutions enable you to advance your business to the modern era by providing greater visibility and tracking of all the information automatically. Simply we at Mapol can say that we provide end to end RFID solution by taking care of all the software and hardware’s of all the brands. We are authorized partner with Printronix and Zebra for hardware purpose.

Mapol provides RFID solutions with increased productivity with high quality and lower cost with global operations capability. Our core focus to provide the unique RFID solution to various industries with includes Medical and Healthcare, Banking and Financial, Education sector, Automobile and manufacturing industry, Education, Library, Jewellery industry, retail, inventory and warehouse etc.

RFID Solution Advantages:

  • Higher Accuracy and greater visibility
  • RFID tags can be read at much greater distances up to 300 feet
  • RFID tags much faster; read rates of forty or more tags per second are possible
  • Auto identification, no need of line of sight contact necessary
  • Bi-directional and auto captures the bulk data
  • Reliability in tough environments
  • Portable database and capable of multiple data reading facility
  • Reduction of manual errors and provides reusable tags
  • Eco-friendly additive process with no waste at all


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