he rise of artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to revolutionize technology in various industries, and security is prominent among them. Video surveillance solutions, for instance, are now seeing an onrush of AI-based applications. This is not just from large companies but also smaller startups that are coming up with innovative solutions.

In this article, we look at why AI will become an integral part of your video surveillance solution in the coming years.

1. Proactive and Real-Time Protection

Video surveillance solutions have always remained reactive and useful only after an incident has occurred or at least a threat is detected by human operators. This is all set to change with the arrival of AI systems that can detect a potential threat way before an incident occurs.

For instance, Intel’s deep learning, neural network Movidius system can detect unattended objects like bags in airports and public spaces, enabling authorities to act before it’s too late. Similarly, AI-enabled surveillance solutions can monitor the behavior of people in a store and identify those who might engage in shoplifting.

2. More Efficient Than Humans

At present, surveillance solutions are only as effective as the operators who are constantly monitoring it. Being humans, these operators are prone to make errors. Attention fatigue is one of the major problems that hurt security operations as the human brain tends to move between periods of distraction and attention.

This could prove to be a crucial issue when you have to offer comprehensive security at a site. The benefit of AI solutions is that machines can compensate for human errors. This means no minute detail, no information, and certainly no threat goes unnoticed.

3. Intelligent Object, Event, and Facial Recognition

In line with the concept of proactive and real-time security, AI-based technologies can offer superior facial and object detection capabilities. In fact, there is massive potential for facial recognition in the law and order sector where specific individuals need to be identified from crowds in large spaces.

And security is not the only place that is betting on this. Marketing departments in large corporations are also considering (if not already employing) facial recognition solutions to identify potential high-value customers who can be offered special services.

The power of AI will also enable “faceless recognition”, wherein a person can be identified not just from visuals of his face, but also from factors such as their height, posture, build, etc. Moreover, solutions could become more aware of the environment that they are monitoring, detecting patterns of activities and drawing out anomalies when required. They would also be able to experiment with different simulations and come up with possible scenarios where there could be potential threats.

4. Image Quality Enhancements

Despite the arrival of high and ultra-high definition cameras that promise crystal clear clarity when it comes to image-capturing, the sad truth is that a major portion of cameras out there are still of low quality. Although many cameras perform well under ideal lighting conditions, the quality dips drastically when in adverse circumstances. This becomes a major hurdle when it comes to collecting vital information.

AI algorithms allow intelligent image sharpening solutions that would help security departments to make sense of videos that may be blurred or otherwise not clear.

5. Managing Massive (Read Big) Data

Surveillance is not just about data from a single source anymore. Cameras and sensors of diverse types are covering every nook and corner of locations to leave no room for error. This means that security solutions must deal with substantial amounts of data that require specialized software systems to manage.

The only way to manage and interpret such big data is through sophisticated software solutions powered by AI. Harnessing the power of big data will allow security operators to ensure that they are taking all possible measures to protect their assets.

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