Vulnerability Assessment Services

Vulnerability Assessment is a methodical procedure for pinpointing vulnerabilities within systems, applications, and network infrastructures. It involves a comprehensive review of systems and networks susceptible to potential vulnerabilities.

This assessment aids organizations in identifying security flaws, gauging risk exposure, and recognizing assets that could be vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches. By conducting Vulnerability Assessments, organizations can detect and address security issues, fortifying defenses against unforeseen attacks.

Regular assessments serve to validate the effectiveness of existing security controls, ensuring a robust security posture for your infrastructure. This proactive approach plays a crucial role in mitigating cybersecurity threats and reducing overall risk exposure for your organization.

Our Approach To Vulnerability Assessment

Advanced & Intelligent Scanning

We perform sophisticated Intelligent Scanning on your IT environment, aiming to identify all network devices, operating systems, databases, firewalls, and a diverse array of other platforms.

Identify Assets & Prioritize Assets

We recognize assets and prioritize them according to their criticality. This enables precise mapping of assets to their relevant Asset Groups based on business units.

Assessment & Scanning

Our team conducts a thorough assessment and scans your network to precisely identify vulnerabilities and weak points in your environment. Utilizing the latest vulnerability checks ensures minimal false positives.

Risk Classification Perform

After pinpointing vulnerabilities, our team proceeds to categorize the level of risk exposure. We then assist your organization in making well-informed decisions regarding resource allocation for remediation.


Our primary unique selling proposition (USP) lies in educating your team about vulnerabilities and exploits, empowering them to strategize effective remediation for identified weaknesses.

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Why work with invitty ?

Vendor Neutrality: We commit to being genuine consulting and audit partners, abstaining from hardware/software sales to avoid biased suggestions.

No Outsourcing Policy: We prioritize your trust by not outsourcing critical assignments to third parties.

Industry Expertise: Share industry-specific insights and relevant recommendations tailored to achieving compliance goals.

Years of Experience: Benefit from a decade of industry experience and knowledge.

End-to-End Support: Our team will guide you through every stage/process to implement security controls and systems, ensuring the protection of your environment.

Actionable Recommendations: Our team delivers remediation strategies to address risks posed by external attackers, insider threats, automated worms, and network management errors, enhancing the security posture of your environment.

Robust Security & Risk Management Solution: We offer a comprehensive solution customized to meet your business requirements.

Detailed Analysis Reports: Provide documents detailing complete analysis findings and pertinent recommendations for remediation.

Training Videos and Materials: Equip your personnel with valuable training videos and materials to enhance their skills.